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Clifton has been sailing and boating since before he could hold a swab! He first started teaching sailing thirty years ago, first with the Red Cross then through Girl Scouts (earning the Green Angel Award), Boy Scouts, Campfire Boys & Girls and other youth and adult programs. Clifton has sailed and explored the waters of Kansas, Oklahoma, & Texas including Port Arthur, Galveston Bay, around Galveston Island, and into the Gulf of Mexico. He's also sailed on Long Island Sound, the Delaware River, and the ice-clear fjords of Norway.

Now living in Olathe, Clifton has been leading the adult sailing program on Shawnee Mission Lake for Johnson County Parks and Recreation, getting ready for his third year there. Almost every class is full of local adults wanting to learn the enjoyment of sailing!

OPSC- Youth Sailing

Seeing a need for sailing classes open to all area youth, last year he approached Olathe Parks officials about starting a sailing program on Lake Olathe at the unused swimming beach and bath house. With help from members of Johnson County Sailing Association he was able to get the program underway. Clifton got one sailboat donated and by the end of summer, the sailing club got two more small boats donated, and in March of '07 Clifton got a 12-foot Minifish donated. So OPSC now has two canoes and four small sailboats.) (Larger sailboats are needed to improve services to older youth. Fourteen-foot Sunfish or Dolphin Seniors would be ideal just in case you know of one sitting in someone's garage which they could donate for a tax write-off!!! Contact Clifton)

Clifton and Jackie sail their family boat, a 23-foot Venture Newport at Perry Lake. This is the boat that has sailed the waters of the Midwest, Galveston area and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a unique cutter. Years ago Clifton created an online sailing club for owners of this unique classic designed boat. The club has grown since he formed it in 1998 to over 350 members around the world! Visit their clubhouse & virtual docks at...

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