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8 oz. 

 12 oz. with non-skid

 1. The Basic Sailing Rig Collection (basic sailboats & ships)
Specify by name above which rig you want, or provide a photo or linedrawing of ship or model of sailboat that you want. (If you don't have a linedrawing, check, or do a Google-search on the model.



 2. Your Photo from any photograph you provide. (See next box for options.)



 3. State Quarters Specify which state.



 4. Lighthouses from any lighthouse photo you provide



 - About The Categories
"Your Photo" (or picture) & "Lighthouses" -

If you choose Category 2, "Your Photo", or Category 4. "Lighthouses", provide either a photo or picture of what you want scrimshawed on the mug.

Photo Delivery Options:

  • Via Email: Provide picture in either email JPG format picture in your order email (preferred method)
    - or -
  • US Mail: Send picture via US Mail.

Tip: Image quality of what you provide- When you are providing a photo or picture, the larger and sharper the image you provide, the better the result. While the picture on the mug is only about three inches high, the higher the resolution (sharpness) and the larger picture you provide (10 inches high or higher JPG is great!), the happier you will be with the end result.

 - Text On Mug -

Each mug may have up to 15 characters of text at no additional charge.

Add 25 cents for each additional character.

  - Shipping & Handling -

$5 Shipping & Handling for each order of 4 mugs or less.

Current estimated delivery; 1 Week after receipt of payment (and after personal check clears.)

Send check or money order (USMail address on Order Form Email)

 - Card Options -

Each mug includes Certificate of Authenticity card which is also dated, serialized, & signed by artist. Two choices of certificate are available.

  • Standard Card (typically for if your are purchasing the mug for yourself)
  • Gift Card version.

Note which version you want when you place order.

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 - Email Order Form... -

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